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A Reason To Bury

Blood, Guts, and Secrets

Firestorm Series, Book 2

Mary, Goodreads, ARC reviewer

5 Stars

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

Loved this one, just as much as the first one.

Built onto the character from the first book, and just got you more involved. So even though this is aimed at a younger audience, I actually enjoyed it.

You need to read the first book to really get the full impact of this book.

Some good twists and turns, caught me by surprise.

Highly recommended.

Mary, Goodreads, ARC reviewer

Joan P. Nienhuis, Book Reviews from an Avid Reader

4 Stars

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Giles’ writing style is fun. I enjoyed this novel and I’m a septuagenarian. I think young readers will enjoy it too. There is adventure galore. There are character and faith issues Jazz must face. Potential readers should know this is a realistic novel in that there is violence and the body count is high. It is not a novel for timid readers.

This is a good novel for youth readers who are not afraid to read about actions like shoot outs and well described physical fights. You’ll also find good character development and a good faith message.

Joan P. Nienhuis, Top 1000 Reviewer, Vine Voice

Kindle Customer DVH

5 Stars

A Reason to Bury: Blood, Guts. and Secrets is Book 2 in the Firestorm Series by C L Giles. Book 2 had Jazzy and her friends back for another adventure. Unfortunately, Jazzy believes her beloved grandpa is dead which brings an uncontrollable rage as well as night terrors. Davy has a new dog, Edison. Jazzy, Blossom, Davy and Edison are still in the middle of fighting evil. This is another outstanding mystery with interesting characters and situations. I am not sure if author C L Giles will write another book in this series, but I would enjoy seeing what adventure Jazzy and her friends get into! I received an arc for free and am leaving my review voluntarily.

Kindle Customer DVH

Cover Design Sarah Beaudin

A Reason To Forget

Training Games

Firestorm Series, Book 1

-Mary Lanni, Top Reviewer: Reedsy Discovery, Speaker, Librarian

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5 Stars

Readers will not be able to put down this heart-pounding thriller until the final page has turned.

Mary Lanni, Chosen as a Reedsy Discovery Must Read

Unbounded love between a girl and her grandfather can reach into the depths of forgotten memories. Twelve-year-old Jazz Taylor is devastated by her grandfather’s rapidly progressing Alzheimer’s diagnosis and does everything she can to keep him safe when he is in her care. When his paranoia increases and he loses track of who his family members are, Jazz’s parents are forced to consider professional memory care for him and choose not to tell Jazz right away. In order to ease the transition, Jazz is forced to attend a sleep-away camp while her parents settle Grandpa in to his new surroundings. A scruffy hitchhiker catches Jazz’s eye on the way to camp, foreshadowing a terrifying sequence of events to come.

From the first chapter, readers are drawn into Jazz’s world and connect with her family and their struggles with her grandfather’s illness. Jazz’s love for her grandfather is so profound that she will do anything to make him well again, including searching for diamonds supposedly hidden in a nearby cave. Clues unfold expertly in the text, causing readers to question exactly who her grandfather is as well as the shared history between him and Jazz.

Told from multiple perspectives thanks to an omniscient third-person narrator, readers get a first-hand look at the story from several angles, increasing the dramatic tension throughout the narrative. Though it at first seems like a story set in a world of magic realism, the second half of the book turns that on its head and plunges readers into a page-turning thriller filled with suspense and danger. Frightening action sequences and a heart-pounding race for survival will make even brave readers jump at unexpected sounds.

This book blends middle-grade comedy and friendship with a Hannibal Lecter-esque villain; it straddles the genres of middle grade and YA and is accessible to a wide spread of ages. The first in a series, this unique story will have readers clambering to read the next installment as soon as this book ends. This is a highly recommended tale for readers who enjoy a captivating thriller with wholesome family values.

-Rolanda Smith-Lyles, Goodreads Review, #Great Minds Love To Read
5 Stars

Jazz is an adventurous young girl who has a great relationship with her grandfather. Well, that is, before he got sick with Alzheimer’s. Jazz heard a story of a treasure hidden in a cave, so she made it her goal to find the treasure to send her grandfather for treatment for his condition. The other kids in the neighborhood and her parents thought it was a crazy notion. Her parents decide to send her and her friend, Blossom off to camp while they send her grandfather to a facility due to his much faster mental regression. Jazz and Blossom later find that Jazz’s notions of the sought-out treasure may have some truth to it when they realize they are being followed. Will they be able to evade captivity?

C. L. Giles, A Reason to Forget, is a fast-paced, suspense story that keeps you on your toes and wondering what will happen next! The story was expertly written and kept my attention. The characters are believable and very relatable. I enjoyed reading this book and definitely recommend.

-Margaret, Goodreads Review

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5 Stars

This was a heart pounding, scary, fast paced, action packed, suspenseful, can’t put down, glued to your seats, attention grabber, adventure. Wow! You really don’t want to miss this one.
I received an ARC free from BookSirens and this is my voluntary honest review.

-Elizabeth L., Goodreads ARC Review
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5 Stars

I received this book as an ARC and am leaving this review voluntarily.

OH…MY…GOSH!!! I don’t have a lot of words to describe how much I liked this book! I was so engrossed in it, that I didn’t know what was going on around me and thought that I was actually in the story! C.L. Gines [sic] did a really great job with the characters and her writing style because my heart was pounding through a lot of this book. The book will be published on April 9th, so I would definitely recommend you go and read it!!

-Debra, Goodreads Review
5 Stars

“This book was fun to read. I thoroughly enjoyed the characters and the story line. This is a book for young adults. I am 65 years old and I was greatly entertained by this novel. Pick it up today, give yourself a bit of an escape.”

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