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Rules is a heart-breaking but redemptive short story of a young girl’s desperate attempt to protect the family she loves against tyrannical rules and the brutality that spawns them.

Britsy has never breached the tree line. It’s against the rules. But if she doesn’t find the toy Papa gave Gavin before the tornado comes, he’ll punish her for sure, and she can’t stand the thought of being locked in the box again! The ball flew into the trees—those trees. Does she choose a guaranteed punishment or take the chance no one finds out about her transgression?

Her best friend, Bella, taught her how to break the rules—sometimes, but she moved away and took Britsy’s bravery with her. Now, she must make this decision alone. While debating the consequences of her choices, the storm arrives sooner than anticipated, and Papa’s violence takes a backseat to the lethal twister bearing down on her and the little brother tucked against her chest.

As she struggles against the raging winds, her only beacon of hope becomes a horrific nightmare of menace and murder. Will Britsy find the courage to save everyone from danger? Or will the brutality of Papa’s rules and the storm’s destruction end any chance of survival?

A 99 Cent Kindle Short Read

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