Firestorm Series

A Reason To Forget: Training Games

Book 1

Cover Design by Sarah Beaudin

A heart-pounding mystery/suspense story of one girl’s love for her grandfather and how his secrets might get her killed.

As a small child, Jazz never questioned the mysterious games she and Grandpa played, but now, the purpose behind their pastime becomes clear: survival.

Twelve-year-old Jazz Taylor lives an ordinary life in a small town in Georgia. She and Grandpa have a special bond, made even more special by the mysterious games he creates just for them.

When tragedy strikes and doctors diagnose Grandpa with a strange form of Alzheimer’s, Jazz is determined to save him. Typically mature and logical, her desperation makes her vulnerable, and she falls for a phony treatment and cure for Grandpa. On top of that, she intends to pay for it with diamonds buried in Simpson’s Cave. Is this a hoax, too?

One day, while Jazz navigates through one of their rambling conversations, Grandpa urges her not to forget her training. He has never described the games like this before, and Jazz is puzzled.

When Grandpa becomes erratic and paranoid, Jazz’s parents decide to move him to an assisted living facility. To shield her from the trauma, they ship Jazz off to Camp Whitten with her best friend, Blossom Roundtree, an eccentric, lacto-ovo vegetarian Wiccan-Methodist, who refuses to let Jazz struggle alone. On the way to camp, a sinister hitchhiker puts Jazz on high alert. Could this be the diamond thief, Roy Hudson?

At camp, countless unexplained and terrifying events rub Jazz’s nerves raw, but when she tells the adults in charge, no one believes her. Eventually, she starts to doubt herself. Blossom tries to help Jazz, and their new friend, the genius boy, Davy Heaton, lends his analytical brain to the fight.

But on one fateful day, the sinister man attacks. Jazz and Blossom flee the camp, running for their lives. Will the mysterious training she learned from Grandpa save her and her best friends, or will their deaths conceal Grandpa’s secrets forever?

A Reason To Bury: Blood, Guts, and Secrets

Book 2

Available Now!

Cover Design by Sarah Beaudin

A story of one girl’s struggle to deal with trauma, difficult choices, and walking the fine line between good and evil.

In Book 2 of the Firestorm series, A Reason to Bury: Blood, Guts, and Secrets, past traumas have taken their toll. Jazz’s helplessness against the murdering Briggs and the inexplicable death of her grandfather has her battling a rage so intense it threatens even those she loves. Can she learn to control the fury? Or will she become the very evil she hates?

When thirteen-year-old Jazz experiences night terrors, she refuses to talk to anyone about the dreams, including Blossom and Davy, her best friends. While seeking answers at her grandfather’s grave, a welcome distraction arrives in the form of Davy’s new massive canine companion, Edison. But the dog’s suspicious origins and inconsistent training raise concerns for Davy. Little do they know, the strange occurrences have just begun.

In one exceedingly peculiar day, they find a hidden photo in Jazz’s locket and a kimi-cave filled with Grandpa’s secrets. One item, in particular, launches them into a research mission to uncover the identity of a mysterious homeless man and his partnership in Briggs’s scheme.

When new romance distracts from the primary objective, Jazz and Blossom descend into fits of jealousy. In the middle of one of their worst arguments, masked gunmen trap them in the sanctuary circle and kidnap them and Davy—twice!

Their plight only fuels Jazz’s rage, and her impulsive attacks against their captors increase in frequency and recklessness. But Blossom’s sixth sense exposes Jazz’s own buried secret and plunges Jazz into a frenzy of revelation.

A secret agency might be Jazz, Blossom, and Davy’s only hope against the unhinged madman who threatens to destroy Jazz’s world—for the second time. The lines blur between the good and the evil. Now, Jazz must make a choice. Can she do it the way Grandpa taught her? The right way? For the right reasons?

A Reason To Fight

Book 3

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