Things I Hate

1) Cooking

2) Traffic

3) Germs

Things I Love

1) Tennis shoes. Sneakers? Athletic shoes? Kicks?

2) Sugar in all its beautiful forms

3) Funny movies

Hi, Guys! I’m a retired teacher—don’t stop reading!

The keyword here is R-E-T-I-R-E-D. I promise not to test you over this material.

My first full-length novel, A Reason to Forget: Training Games, begins the Firestorm series. It was nominated for the Dixie Lee Connor Award for Exceptional Children’s Writing. I didn’t win, but it was an honor just to be nominated.

I taught in several middle school gifted programs for more than twenty years, and I promised my students I would never ask them to complete an assignment I had not attempted myself. Sooo—after assigning a creative writing project, I found a short story contest online and entered Stolen Pride, a tale of Andy, a ten-year-old Robin Hood, and, guess what? I won first place and became a super-surprised published author.

But working extremely long hours at my day job took a toll on my writing. My next two projects are collecting dust on a shelf, but when I created Jazz, Blossom, and Davy, a passion for these three and their adventures was born.

I love reading and writing about characters who are everyday heroes realizing they are Just. Ordinary. People. With Extraordinary Ability. When life presents them with what seems like crushing problems, they find the strength to overcome. They have close friends who help them whenever and wherever they can—even when tragedy strikes.

Here are several strange, maybe interesting, things about me:

1) I received my first drum set at the age of nine. No, I don’t play anymore, but it was fun while it lasted.

2) I played tennis for years. No, I don’t play anymore, but it was fun while it lasted.

3) I loved to hand-code webpages. No, I don’t code anymore, but it was fun while it lasted.

Do you know what I just realized? Either I love learning new things, or I have a short attention span! Probably both. Awesome!

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