Feel the Chill: Cave Ghosts

Betsy Bell: One Victim

[Jazz] continued several yards to the right, bowed low, and addressed the cave. “Hello, Mr. Simpson.”

Rumor had it the cave demanded respect. To enter and not die, one had to greet Simpson by name and promise that your intentions in the cave were honorable.

“I promise my intention today is to save someone’s life.” Jazz examined the vegetation outside the entrance carefully. “And please save me from snakes.”

– From A Reason To Forget: Training Games

Cave ghosts? If you live here in Tennessee, caves are just a part of the environment, and the spirits that inhabit them are ever-present. Even though the Bell Witch Cave was not the inspiration for the setting of A Reason To Forget: Training Games, it very well could have been. The cave’s proximity to my house and the Bell Witch ghost’s uncanny ability to influence her victims make me at least pause to reflect. Maybe, Kate Batt drifted into my dreams, weaving her tortures and abuse with Simpson’s Cave.

The Bell Witch tales began centuries ago. According to the official website, The Official Home of the Historic Bell Witch Cave, even General and future president Andrew Jackson stayed a night at the Bell’s farm. He is quoted as saying, “I had rather face the entire British Army than to spend another night with the Bell Witch.”

After reading about the physical attacks, eerie sounds, and unexplained events, I’m getting ghost bumps! The gruesome death of John Bell made me cringe, but the symptoms he exhibited before his demise gave me nightmares.

You can visit The Bell Witch Cave at 430 Keysburg Rd, Adams, TN 37010 or visit their website http://www.bellwitchcave.com/ghost_hauntings/bell_witch_cave_location.htm for more information.

But be prepared. It’s not something you’ll ever forget—because Kate won’t let you. Bow low, address Kate with respect, and maybe, just maybe, she’ll let you live.

Published by C. L. Giles

Author of the upper middle-grade/young adult novel, A Reason To Forget: Training Games, Book 1 in the Firestorm series.

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