Feel The Chill: Forever Holes

Photo by icon0.com from Pexels

” . . . the whole cave would be filled with people fighting, getting lost in there, falling down forever holes.”

“Forever holes?” moaned Blossom.

“A hole that goes on forever with no bottom,” he said.

—from A Reason To Forget: Training Games

Did you feel the chill? Did you immediately see the movie hero falling, arms outstretched, clawing at the rock walls, screaming into the abyss?

But forever holes don’t really exist, do they?

Pit caves are as close to forever holes as it gets, and Walker County, Georgia is home to Ellison’s Cave and its Fantastic Pit, the deepest unobstructed pit cave in the continental United States. The drop is 586 feet. And Blossom would be the last person to attempt to descend to its depths.

Want to see the real deal. Visit the Walker County, Georgia website at https://walkercountyga.gov/discover/recreation/caving/.

Try not to scream!

Published by C. L. Giles

Author of the upper middle-grade/young adult novel, A Reason To Forget: Training Games, Book 1 in the Firestorm series.

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